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Stop the Excuses, Embrace Discipline, and Transform Your Day

Hey you, yeah, you reading this. It's time to wake the hell up. You're lying there, wondering why your life isn't where you want it to be. Married or divorced, kids or no kids, it doesn't matter. You've woken up to the harsh reality that you’re not happy with what you’ve become, stuck in a loop of comfort and mediocrity, comfortably miserable but not miserable enough to actually change. You blame everything—your job, your boss, your partner, the damn government, the economy. But deep down, you know the bitter truth: It's all on you.

You've got the same 24 hours as everyone else. But instead of using them, you're wasting them on shit that numbs you or distracts you from the misery of your unfulfilled potential.

Let’s break it down:

  • 8 hours of sleep. Get your rest; you need that.

  • 10 hours for work, study, commute—whatever pays the bills or gets you that degree.

That leaves you with 6 hours. What in God's name are you doing with those precious hours?

  • Binge-watching? Great, another series ticked off. Those fictional characters are really going places, unlike you.

  • Scrolling social media? Watching others live their lives won’t change yours.

  • Playing Candy Crush or video games until 3 a.m.? Sure, level up in the game, stay stagnant in life.

  • Downing beer and nachos? Complain about that dad bod while you’re at it.

  • Porn? You’re literally fucking your energy away into the void.

Enough with the excuses. "I'm tired," "I don't have the money," "It's not the right time." Excuses are for those who don’t have the balls to take life by the horns. You say you're overweight, broke, and unmotivated? Guess what? You know exactly what you need to do to fix it. Eat right, work out, get up earlier, budget your money, hustle on the side. Stop waiting for motivation or the right mood and start building discipline.

Transform Your Six Remaining Hours:

  1. Workout for an hour: Your body is your most priceless asset. Treat it like one.

  2. Spend quality time with your family or friends: Four hours. That’s what you need to strengthen bonds that matter instead of lamenting over lost connections.

  3. Focus on a side hustle or personal development for an hour: Read, learn, create. Grow your mind and your wallet.

Rule of 100: If you spent just 18 minutes a day learning or perfecting a skill, that’s 100 hours a year. You could be better than 95% of the world in whatever you choose to master—be it cooking, coding, or carpentry.... or Karate!

Get Real and Get Angry: You're not a tree. If you don't like where you are, move. You are not chained to your circumstances unless you chain yourself. Get angry about not being where you want to be, but direct that anger towards constructive change. Blame only one person—yourself—because you're the captain of this ship.

It’s Your Move: Look, life's tough. Shit happens. Maybe you did have a rough childhood, maybe you've faced real trauma, or maybe you're just stuck in a rut of your own making. But here’s the kicker: nobody’s coming to save you. It’s on you to save yourself.

Stop wasting time knowing every stat of your favorite sports team and start applying that dedication to your life stats. Turn your complaints into goals, your frustration into fuel, and your self-pity into self-improvement.

This isn't about shaming you. It's about shaking you awake. It's tough love because the world out there is even tougher and it won’t coddle you. It’s not too late to reshape your life, but it starts with throwing out the excuses and taking serious, committed action.

Are you ready to stop being a bystander in your own life? Are you ready to actually live? Stop blaming and start building. The clock’s ticking, and those 24 hours? They’re yours to command.

Now, get the fuck up and make them count.

Coach Rob

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