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Krav Maga is for EVERYONE and at Krav Maga Kentucky, Coach Rob make that a reality.

My time and money are important to me, and I always want to get the most “bang for my buck”. That’s why I’ve been a member/student for over a decade.


I have Arthritis and recently had both knees replaced. I don’t move as quickly as I used to, and I don’t have lots of “extra” time on my hands for staying in shape.

Coach Rob understands my limitations. His philosophy is that my limits aren't a good excuse not to train but are the very reason that I SHOULD train.

My aches & pains won't earn me a free “get out of violence card”.


Coach Rob helps me adapt certain drills to what works best for me, so that I learn to protect myself, not hurt myself. I’m learning self defense skills while getting in a great workout. It’s a friendly atmosphere which makes it easier to learn and more fun to train.


My 2 teen daughters also train at Krav Maga Ky. They have a lot more energy & agility than me. They get in great workouts and learn how to protect themselves. They’ve done the Go Home Safe & other seminars and always look forward to them.


I'd highly recommend Krav Maga KY to anyone regardless of age or physical abilities. Everyone has their own story, limits & abilities.

When you walk through the doors at Krav Maga Ky, the only person you’re competing with is yourself.

Criminals are always looking for an easy victim. You won’t find those at Krav Maga Ky.

Mike P 11.4.22

Awesome place! Tried out a couple training centers before finding a home at this one.

The instructors are knowledgeable, inclusive, and really want you to have a solid understanding of the principles before getting into the advanced stuff - but they can do that too.


First time practicing a combat sport and didn’t really know where to start, but after a few sessions fit right in. Krav is a perfect for self defense and fitness.


They have a badass Judo club here as well

Zach M 10.29.22

Review from an old 51 year old male.  


I was intimidated at first, as I’m 51 and basically have had no self defense training my whole life.  It took me 6 months to get the nerve to call.  Maybe it’s because I’m not out of shape, but I’m about as far out of any kind of fighting shape one could be.


Why I waited I do not know.  What I can say now with confidence is Don’t Wait!   I wasted 6 months fretting over nothing.  I was welcomed with friendly smiles and have even made good friends.  


After 7 months of training 2-3 times per week, I was ready for my first level test.  I was nervous, but ready to test; signing up for the next test period.  Then Covid arrived. Then a travel assignment for work arrived.   “I’ll be back” to Krav Maga Kentucky after my work assignment.  


I will return to KMKY as they have instilled in me self confidence, a desire to train, and instilled a desire to maintain a sustainable fitness level. The best thing for me about KMKY is a group of teachers that genuinely want to help me improve myself and help me achieve the goals I set for myself .  


They don’t pressure you (unless you need it). But, of course and  most of all, I have made friends at KMKY that I can count on. 


Don’t hesitate.  Just call Lindsay or Robert.  It’s that easy, just do it!

-Kent 08.29.20

I started Krav Maga, at age 65, in December of 2018 (I am 66 now). Needless to say, I was way out of shape! The owners, Robert and Lyndsay, as well as instructors Jason and Dave, made me feel comfortable; though I felt like a big sweaty blob moving around the mats at that time.


The instructors pushed me to do the best I could, but not to the point I could hurt myself. They are patient and provide individualized instructions as they walk around during class. I can take a break or slow down when I feel the need. I have learned so much from them!

Every class I learn something new and get better at defensive techniques I learned previously.


As a onetime, long ago,  college athlete, I know that “muscle memory” matters. The instructors promote  muscle memory with repetition and repetition of all basic techniques. I am presently in the best shape I have been in 30 years. 


I feel confident in public places, at least way more than a year ago, that I can get my family and/or myself home safely. It may not be very poetic, yet, but I strongly believe I can give us a few minutes to get away from a dangerous situation.


Krav Maga also gives me more reason and purpose during my regular gym workouts; I do exercises that will improve Krav Maga specific strengths and quickness.


I am so pleased with everything, i.e., instructors, atmosphere and classmates at Krav Maga in Lexington, KY!!  I will continue Krav Maga classes until . . . . . I can’t.  

-Mark  W 01.16.20

I have know Robert going on 6 years and my relationship started as a student and he became a good friend.


Robert is an exceptional instructor and I make this statement for the following reason: he has the ability to teach a class of students with different fitness and skill levels and make it productive and enjoyable.


To me this a is rare talent. I have been involved in fitness all of my adult life and in that time have taken my share of fitness classes. I have been introduced to good and bad instructors but even good ones had a problem with their class when they encounter students with different fitness levels.


In that situation they had hard time keeping the class productive. I most cases advance students felt they were held back, beginners felt uncomfortable and the instructor lost sight of the goals.

I notice right of way that Robert was able to over come this and even if you are a beginner and most of the students in class are more advanced, you will still learn, enjoy and feel like you are part of the group.

In closing I make this statement: I would not take a Krav Maga class if Robert was not the instructor or in direct supervision of the class.

Hugo 07.01.19

As an overweight 45 year old I was looking for something that would help me lose weight as the company I work for has a weight restriction and I was over 35 lbs over. I knew it would be a challenge as I was very out of shape, I could barely put my boots on in the morning without straining but I had 6 months to lose the weight or I was fired.

I had in my youth done traditional martial arts, but I was looking for something a little more practical geared toward defense that would challenge me physically and help me lose the weight.

I found Krav Maga Kentucky on the internet and called. I spoke with a representative and explained what I was looking for and they assured me they could help.

My first class was on a Saturday morning. I walked in nervous and not sure what to expect, the Instructor got me set up right away and she put me with one of the more experienced students and straight off we started throwing jabs and working foot work drills.


They showed me a couple basics and before I knew it the hour was over. That was the beginning of my Krav experience. Soon after that I met the owners Robert and Lindsey.

After I explained what I needed Robert came up with a couple different workout regimens and some advice on nutrition. I’ve learned a lot more than I initially expected to and made some good friends.


They cover everything from concealed weapons license to ground defense. I've been working out with them for over 2years now and am very happy with the results.


I still have goals I'm working to reach and with the help of my friends at Krav Maga Kentucky I'm sure to accomplish them.

-Todd Green 06.28.19

After training in various martial arts for 18 plus years and having a career in law enforcement for 15 years and counting, I must say that Krav Maga has carved out a special spot in my training and life since I joined Krav Maga Kentucky. While I respect and continue to train in a traditional Japanese martial art, and I would not want to disrespect any “traditional” martial art, Krav Maga truly is different.  In a time where many people are focusing on Mixed Martial Arts or Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Krav Maga puts the focus back on self-defense and preserving life (some might say “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”).  


Quite often I am asked “which martial art is the best?”  I don’t think any honest martial artist can definitively answer that question, however, we all have our opinion and our passion.  That being said, I have learned that if a person with no experience has the main objective of learning self-defense and how to apply what they learn effectively and efficiently, Krav Maga is where I would recommend them to start. In a student’s first class at Krav Maga Kentucky, they will most likely learn one or more techniques that could save their life. One technique from one class could provide the student with the power to survive the once in a lifetime attack later that day.  While it takes years to master a martial art, techniques from Krav Maga are meant to be usable and applicable by everyone immediately upon learning the proper techniques. 


Krav Maga is meant to be taught to everyone, of all ages and sizes, so that they “may walk in peace,” to quote Imi Lichtenfeld (founder of Krav Maga).  I truly believe this “peace” can be obtained through training in Krav Maga. Some students will begin feeling the “peace” immediately because they have taken the first step toward not being a victim. 


Robert Jansen and his instructors at Krav Maga Kentucky work hard to make sure every student is continually learning and improving. I have personally seen students transform under their tutelage from not knowing how to throw a punch to being able to help teach new students beginner techniques in a matter of months, with confidence.  I have witnessed students approach their first class at Krav Maga Kentucky as timid as sheep, and within weeks the same student is as confident as a lion or lioness.  Some of these transformations can even be seen in one class period, and it is rare to see this without the student smiling during class. 


While each instructor has their own teaching methods, none of them have an ego when approached.  The instructors’ primary concerns are to safely teach Krav Maga self-defense techniques to students in an enjoyable atmosphere that fosters healthy learning. 


-Daniel 10.25.2017

I started classes at Krav Maga Kentucky the summer of 2015 and continued classes until the summer of 2016. I loved every class and tried to attend as many as possible - generally two to three classes a week. The other participants were awesome and worked hard to be good partners. The instructors were great as well always showing a particular technique properly and including plenty of drills to help gain muscle memory for various techniques. As a former Krav Maga instructor myself and having attended other schools across the country, Krav Maga Kentucky was the best thus far and an exceptional school for others to learn the skills needed to survive on the street. 

Kate Mudrak

Training at Krav Maga Kentucky is a wonderful experience. The instructors are highly knowledgeable about self-defense and have a lot of experience.  I highly recommend training at KMKY for anyone wanting to learn self-defense, gain confidence, improve fitness and come to know yourself better. Overall, training at KMKY has taught me how to be a better person in and out of the gym. 



When I first came to Krav Maga Kentucky, I was a shy person with very little awareness. 

Someone could have easily attacked me, I would never have been capable of defending myself, and I would Never have been willing to injure someone in self-defense to get away, even if It meant saving my own life or the lives of others.

Through the 4 years I've been training with KMKY, I've learned to become more aware of my surroundings, more careful and I've learned how to get out of so many "What if" situations, and I believe I have the capability to get out of many more unpracticed ones, simply through muscle memory, from all the individual things I've learned and been trained in. As well as how to get out of situations before they even occur. 

Krav maga has made me both physically and mentally stronger. I've become more confident in myself, and much braver.

I'll never know if I could truly defend myself If it came down to it, unless it happened,

But I do know the person I used to be would have frozen with fear and wouldn't have lasted a second. The person I am now, would try with all her might to find a way out, and would not give up until she'd tried everything, Even in the face of fear.

Gabrielle G

Krav maga Kentucky, KMKY, has helped shape the way I view fitness. When I started I had just stopped competitive swimming. It didn't take long for me to realize I was not as physically in shape as I thought. Robert Jansen helped to educate, and provide resources so I could better improve my overall health. Not only that but he and the rest of KMKY team have made me feel more physically and mentally prepared for physical confrontation. I don't even want to imagine what my health and fitness level would look like had it not been for KMK. 


Joseph Murphy

I have always had an interest in martial arts but never really found the type I wanted to do from the list of usual schools. I got bored with regular gym , and googled martial arts and found Krav Maga. With Today's society and increase in crime and assault, day one of Krav started right in with training you will need for self defense without all the ceremonial details offered with traditional martial arts. Since January of 2017 I have greatly increased my chances of surviving an assault rather than being a victim in 7 months. My physical conditioning has improved as well as my confidence in defending myself. Robert Jansen is an excellent instructor that you can trust and believe in what he his training you to do. You train for real life situation with others in class at a pace that is safe and free of injuries, you can go light or extreme if your partner wants the same. Trial classes are free and cost is extremely affordable, one free class and your addiction begins. 

Chris Ivey 

“I had contacted Krav Maga Kentucky during a time that I did not feel safe in my own home after receiving a threatening message. Robert started giving me private lessons. I learned the basic techniques in striking and kicking and he also taught me how to be aware of my surroundings and how to recognize potentially unsafe situations. After a few months, I received a job offer in another city. Before I moved, Robert started teaching me situation scenarios so that I may walk around my new city with confidence. My new job sometimes requires me to work late, but I feel safe walking to my car because I know I can protect myself.”


My goal was to give myself some comfort. My daughter is going off to college. I set up a class for her and 11 high school senior girls, all headed off to college. I wanted them to have some self defense tools. It was similar to Robert's Go Home Safe class, but he customized the class for them. Because all these girls are competitive swimmers and strong athletes, Robert was able to get physical with them, really demonstrating what they could be up against. They learned numerous ways to deter an attack before it happened, ways to fight back, and ways to get out of advanced situations. There was a lot of laughter during the class and there were times when the girls were completely silent. Robert would say to the girls"I am not trying to scare you" and I would think to myself "please, please scare them". He gave them physical tools but more so he gave them practical mental tools. He taught them to be aware of their surroundings, keep from being distracted, and simple props they could use to defend themselves. He empowered them and taught them the most important thing is their personal safety. Robert helped me meet my goal along with every mother that had a daughter participate. I would have paid a lot to have that sense of security and comfort, as I am sure any parent would, but I did not. It was very reasonable. Thank you Robert. 


~Karen Harter

“Krav Maga Kentucky is a great school that teaches true Krav Maga while at the same time offering other expanded martial arts opportunities.  The classes are fast-paced and Robert and the team always bring in fun and realistic scenarios to illustrate the principles.  Overall, you get intense training that is delivered in a positive way, appropriate for all ages and all levels of students.  All the instructors are excellent and they get to know each student well.  The school offers special classes as well such as formal Kodokan Judo taught by a qualified instructor (Gabe Balaz).  Since I came from a traditional Taekwondo background, I very much enjoyed having the opportunity to learn more traditional arts like Judo and Ju Jitsu mixed with the self-defense oriented techniques in Krav Maga.  Krav Maga Kentucky is a fantastic school with great students and instructors who will challenge you and make you feel welcomed.


Rodney Lee

Taekwondo 1st Dan”

Robert, you and your team have once again provided an EXCELLENT training for our young Sea Cadets. You wore them out (which is great!), and they had a great time learning your techniques and gaining confidence in their own abilities.  We are so appreciative that you and your great team are so willing to work with our cadets on a continual basis.


The waiver of fees AND the financial contribution were a great surprise, and so appreciated. I have attached a contribution letter for your financial records, and I left the amount for you to fill in as to the amount this training would have normally cost for a group our size.


I wanted to let you know that our staff have decided to designate your contribution to a particular cadet to attend Boot Camp this summer.  He would not have otherwise been able to afford to attend and would therefore not be eligible to ever advance in rank. He is a very respectful young man who has been in the program for two years and will benefit greatly from this contribution.  This money will go toward his $220 fee to attend Boot Camp at NS Great Lakes with his shipmates in June.  I will be informing him of this opportunity during our drill today.


Thank you so much for investing in these young people.  It is great to have role models like you and your staff.  We look forward to working with you again!



LTjg Shannon Montgomery, NSCC

Commanding Officer

U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps

Kentucky Division

"I attended classes at Krav Maga Kentucky over the summer of 2016. I learned something new every time I walked in, and in such an encouraging atmosphere. I was mainly coached by Robert, who had so much knowledge about Krav Maga and the techniques used. I was amazed with how much fitter I had gotten and felt from just attending these classes. I also felt so much more confident that I would have a chance to get myself out of a bad situation if I were to be in one. I would highly recommend attending Krav Maga Kentucky."  

~M Myro 

"You guys have been great. And you have my sincere thanks, because already you have helped me stay mentally fitter than I otherwise would have been able to be, particularly in some very trying work circumstances, and it's been a real confidence maintainer and builder. I also really appreciate the camaraderie...everybody has been so helpful.  It's a great group of people I've met." ~ Lara

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