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Go Be Violent: Raising Champions, Not Just Participants

Hey, you! Yeah, you scrolling through your phone while your kid's out there giving it their all. Listen up, because we need to talk about something important – being your kid's biggest cheerleader.

I see it all the time. Parents dropping their kids off at a game or a match, and then... nothing. They're sucked into their phones, or worse, they leave. What's up with that? Let me tell you something straight up: that's not going to be me. My boys are only 3.5 years old, but I'm already gearing up.

After daycare, we hit the park. We park, get ready, unbuckle seats, count down 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1... Go! The back hatch opens, kids jump out, and race to the playground. Sure, we play, swing, etc. Then we climb and do arm hangs, monkey bars, and balance beams. We play tag – hard. Then we jog or run around the playground.

I don’t care what sport my boys get into – baseball, gymnastics, ice skating, football, basketball, wrestling, or even swimming. Before each game or match, I will tell my boys the same thing: “GO BE VIOLENT.” Yeah, you heard that right. I don’t raise my kids to come out to the game or match and make friends. I raise them to go to war and win. Sure, they can be buddies afterwards, but in that moment of competition? It's all about domination and victory.

Why? Because life doesn't give a damn about the losers. So why should I program my kids to settle for anything less than a win?

If I'm still around when they get into sports, you’ll know when I’m in the house. Why? Because I will be that loud, vocal dad, cheering on my kid. It's hilarious – I already get the dirty looks at the playground from other parents. Lol, sitting there, screen sucking while I loudly play with my boys. And you know what? Your disapproval just cranks up my volume.

And, to be honest, I feel sorry for your kid. Sorry that you don't have the guts to be their biggest supporter. Our kids need to learn the fire of competition. They need to feel both the sting of defeat and the joy of winning.

We're doing them no favors by programming them to believe we're all the same and everyone's a winner. That's not how the world works. We're not all the same. We're not all winners.

So here's to the WINNERS. To the CHAMPIONS. To the families playing ALL IN. Your kids are watching. They're learning. What do you want them to see? A parent who's half-there, half-interested? Or a parent who's their number one fan, cheering them on, teaching them to strive, to compete, to win?

Make today the best one yet. Be that cheerleader your kid needs, the one they deserve. And remember, the lessons they learn on the field, on the mat, they carry those for life.

Teach them to fight, to win, to be champions – in sports, in life, in everything they do.

Coach Rob, signing off....

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