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Copy of Copy of coaching certification GO HOME SAFE (Facebook Cover) (18 × 24 in) (2).png
Copy of Copy of coaching certification GO HOME SAFE (Facebook Cover) (18 × 24 in) (2).png
  •  What is go home safe seminars all about? 

  • The go home safe seminars, is an exclusive small group work shop for *women that specifically address what you should do when "what if" becomes "what now". 

  •      *we also offer separate GHS to men and a co-ed workshop. Reach out for more info.

  • Instead of worrying about becoming a victim, you will gain confidence in your abilities to protect yourself and your loved ones. 

  • Through our carefully engineered system for personal protection, you will discover how to keep yourself safe in many different situations.

  • The strategies revealed inside the go home safe seminar, work together to make you safer in your everyday life. These strategies are based on a system that can be used by everyone, regardless of fitness level and strength. 

  • If you are tired of worrying about what you would do or actually could do in a bad situation, then the go home safe seminars are for you.

"It was more realistic than the other self-defense courses I have attended. I did not know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and the knowledge of the instructors. Everyone was really nice and they really focus on teaching you a serious subject in a fun atmosphere. I've completed two seminars so far, I will definitely be going back :-) I'm more confident now".

-Sara 42

  • GHS is a small group Self  Defense seminar/ work shop for *women only, with a max attendees number of 10-30 participants (depending on location and level of training).

  • All levels and abilities welcome, If you have no experience, out of shape or have physical limitations there’s no need to be intimidated. This course is for people of all levels and abilities. Come learn and train at your own pace.

  • GHS is designed to explore the true nature of self defense techniques and tactics, used by protection specialists all over the world.

  • Giving you the practical skills and framework for decisive, confident decision making during violent, rapidly evolving, encounters.

  • After attending GHS you will have the blueprint and tools to prepare you to use these techniques effectively in a self defense situation.

"Go Home Safe Seminar Series,

will teach your daughters to enforce the boundaries that should never be crossed" -Mike P

What's the differences between GHS and the "other" self defense classes?

The Other Self Defense Courses:

  • Bragging about what they can do. 

  • They have limited or No real life experience, yet try to teach you what to do in a bad situation.

  • Not suitable for everyone. 

  • They try to teach you everything in 2hrs. Leaving you overwhelmed and confused...

  • They try to teach you from a PowerPoint presentation. Ask yourself, can you learn to swim from a PowerPoint presentation?

  • They charge you again for the same training if you want to repeat their seminar.

  • They have no money back guarantee.

Go Home Safe Seminars:

  • No bragging, it's about your skills, and not an ego trip for our instructors.

  • All instructors are certified GHS instructors and have real life experience.

  • All levels and abilities welcome, no judgement.

  • GHS seminars are on average 7hrs each...

  • You can take any completed course again for free, actually as many times as you want for free. As you repeat each of the courses, you will improve your skills without feeling overwhelmed.

  • You will get hands on training, not sit down taking notes or watch a PowerPoint presentation.

  • Money back guarantee: You can take the whole seminar, and if for any reason this was not for you, we will refund your monies!

  • Lifetime come back and train. Take the seminar once, and you can come back and take it again for free as many times as you want!!!

We have developed a dedicated seminar for:

  • High school students

  • College students

  • Professional men and women 

  • Real Estate Professionals

"I first heard Robert do a presentation at former LBAR, now Bluegrass REALTORS. At the time I had attended other women's self defense seminars so I didn't think this would be any different. Boy was I wrong! Robert brings a very unique and practical approach to personal protection. I have now attended the GHS several times and I keep coming back. We have scheduled the REP safety work shop with Robert for our Brokerage. Every woman should go trough this seminar."

-Donna, Realtor

Let's be realistic, ask yourself these questions, and be honest!

Are you a student, live alone or work in a profession where you meet a lot of strangers?

Have you ever wondered how you are going to defend yourself in a bad situation?

Do you wonder how to defend yourself against a bigger attacker?

Are you getting worried that you can’t defend yourself or your loved ones?

Do an honest reality check.... What would you do if someone approached you in a threatening manner?

What would you do if someone grabbed your neck and started squeezing?

Do you want to learn how to enforce your boundaries that should never be crossed?

Go Home Safe Seminars will teach you how to deal with the above situations and how you can avoid them all together.

"Very practical and useful information which provides insight into real life "bad guy" situations. Great energy and work out as well as beneficial techniques. Great instructors - very professional and helpful staff."

-Cindy 36, Realtor


Attention Women,

I don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity to learn how to enforce your boundaries that should never be crossed!

Get your seats before the entire workshop completely sells out! 

sign up ends in

***Sign up now***
Only 10 spots available for this exclusive women's only workshop in Lexington, KY.

"These Seminars teaches practical and effective techniques for defending oneself!" Just do it. -Meg 33

"Lot of fun, really like all of the instructors. Great experience! I would recommend to anyone who wants to learn how to protect themselves." 

-Hannah 29

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