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Zero Tolerance: Breeding Bullies, Not Bravery

In our schools today, there's a policy that's doing more harm than good – the zero-tolerance rule. On paper, it sounds like a solid plan to maintain discipline and order. But in reality? It's screwing up our kids, teaching them to be passive, and failing to stand up for themselves or others. The irony? It's breeding more bullies, not bravery.

Think about it. A kid stands up to a bully, maybe to protect themselves or someone else. What happens next? Instead of getting a pat on the back, they're hauled off to the principal's office and slapped with a suspension. Thanks to these blanket policies, the defender gets punished right alongside the aggressor. Where's the sense in that?

The zero-tolerance rule has the opposite effect of what it's intended to do. Instead of curbing bullying, it's empowering bullies. How? By sending a clear message: Stand up for yourself or someone else, and you'll get punished. So what do kids learn? Keep your head down, stay silent, and let the bullies run the show.

And it's not just the policies that are at fault. It's how we've handcuffed our teachers. Teachers today can't enforce discipline or maintain order in the classroom without risking their jobs. Public schools have lost control. Students can do and say whatever the fuck they want, and teachers are scared to step in. Scared they'll be the next on the chopping block if they dare to uphold some semblance of order.

We're raising a generation taught to be submissive, not assertive. Taught to accept victimhood rather than fight against it. And the bullies? They're learning that they can get away with just about anything.

This needs to change. We need to teach our kids to be strong, to stand up for what's right, and to defend themselves and others. We need policies that distinguish between aggression and self-defense, between bullying and standing up to bullies.

It's time to rethink our approach. It's time to raise kids who know how to fight back, who understand the value of standing up for themselves and others. We need to empower our teachers to instill discipline and respect, not fear and submission.

Our schools should be breeding grounds for courage and character, not compliance and cowardice. Let's teach our kids that it's not just okay to stand up against bullies – it's commendable. Let's create an environment where bravery is celebrated and bullies are the ones who think twice before causing harm.

Enough with policies that punish the brave. It's time to stand up for a change – in our schools, in our policies, and in the way we raise our kids. Let's teach them to be warriors in the face of adversity, not bystanders in their own lives.

Coach Rob, signing off

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