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Concepts and principles fighting

How to defend yourself, even if your attacker is bigger and stronger

Saturday &  Sunday March 19-20th 2022

Imagine yourself on the ground, with a much larger attacker holding you down, choking you...

You feel the grip getting tighter around your neck, you feel panic setting in.....


Do you know what to do?

Do you feel confident in your ability to handle an attacker who has you pinned on the ground?

Do an honest reality check!

Can you defend yourself, get up, get away? Deal with multiple attackers?

What would you do if you or your attacker had a knife?

Lets be realistic, you are only as good as your training. 

Do you want to learn how to effectively defend yourself on the ground, even if your attacker is bigger and stronger?

Do Not miss this unique opportunity.

Concepts and principles of fighting

How to defend yourself on the ground, even if your attacker is bigger and stronger.

(All Levels and Abilities Welcome): 

Note: If you’re a beginner, out of shape or have physical limitations there’s no need to be intimidated. This course is for people of all levels and abilities. Come learn and train at your own pace.

Taught by David Stacy, Owner of Octagon MMA and Krav Maga

 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 4-stripe purple belt | Certified USA Boxing coach | Weapons Defense Specialist.

 Krav Maga Instructor | MMA Coach.

This unique workshop is designed to explore the true nature of ground fighting styles such as BJJ and Grappling techniques, while bridging the gap between competition and real life self defense situations. 

David will give you the tools to prepare you to use these techniques effectively for competition or in a self defense situation.

Train in a controlled and safe environment, without egos or style comparisons...


David strives for a learning environment that closely simulates real world encounters.

In short, the goal of this unique training is to give you the practical skills and framework for decisive, confident decision making during violent, rapidly evolving, encounters on the ground.



Saturday: Session A 9:00am-12:00pm

Ground Defense and how to deal with being on the ground.

You will start exploring ground defense positioning, movement and kicks. You will be introduced to fundamental grappling techniques for self defense. What to do when a larger attacker is on top of you, striking or choking you. It's important to recognize the nature of ground defense in a street context to be able to fully understand the logic behind techniques that are often seen in a competitive setting. More than that, knowing the nature of ground defense helps anyone interested in self-protection to realize its place in an overall defensive strategy.


Lunch: 12:00-1:00pm You may bring your own lunch or step out if needed.

Saturday: Session B 1:00-4:00pm

Ground Concepts for dealing with a bigger/ stronger attacker.


In this session we will be adding on to the fundamental grappling skills for self defense. You will learn how to reverse positioning, how to defend against more advanced chokes. Advantages and disadvantages of top and side position. you will also learn how to use armbars and arm locks for self defense. There will be a number of "fancy ground techniques" that can be implemented, but the main focus of ground defense for self defense is to create an opportunity to get up and get away, as there is no "tap out" on the street. 

Sunday: Session A 09:00-11:30am

Close Quarter Striking.

In this session you will be exploring ways you may end up on the ground, such as take downs and bear hugs and how to defend against such attacks. You will also learn more advanced chokes and how to defend against them. 

Lunch: 1:30-12:30pm You may bring your own lunch or step out if needed.

Sunday: Session B 12:30-3:30pm

Leg attacks and Submission escapes revisited.

Leg attacks-"why would you ignore 50% of the human body"-Dean Lister. Leg attacks are a fantastic way to even the playing field against better grapplers, and larger opponents. Learn ankle locks, toe holds, knee bars, and heel hooks from positions of disadvantage, and perhaps more important for self defense you will learn a variety of ways to escape from the bottom positions of disadvantage, such as guard, mount, side control, scarf hold, and seated vs. standing.

We will also look at escapes from common submission attempts such as the RNC, arm bar, triangle, and guillotine. Don't worry if none of those names makes sense, in short, you will learn how to escape when someone is attempting to harm you on the ground...

What to bring:

  • A good attitude and willingness to learn

  • Necessary Meals

  • Snacks, Drinks and Hydration

  • Something to take notes/ record/ photos

Optional equipment:

  • Training knife

  • MMA/ Grappling style gloves

  • Cup optional

  • Long sleeve tee-shirt/ Pants/ Rash guard is optional





Payment required at the time of registration. 

Questions about this seminar? email us at:


I don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity! Will I see you and shake your hand next month in Lexington? Get your seats before the entire workshop completely sells out! 👉🏻

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