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Judo of Lexington
Traditional Martial Arts in Lexington KY

Judo Lexington KY

Commitment, Preparation, Intensity...

Judo (Kodokan) is a Japanese Martial Art, which translates to “the gentle way” because it is considered less aggressive than many other martial arts but remains one of the most effective and efficient. Judo is a competitive martial art and combat technique developed in Japan in 1882 by Jigoro Kano who originally studied Jujutsu. Central to Kano's vision for Judo were the principles of maximum efficiency with minimum effort as well as mutual welfare and benefit.


Through these techniques he developed the concept that softness controls hardness. In other words, resisting a more powerful opponent will result in defeat, while adjusting to and evading an opponent's attack will cause him to lose balance and power which will lead to his defeat. There are three basic categories of techniques in Judo which include throwing, grappling, and striking.


Judo is great for conditioning, physical strength, and self-defense. Youth and adults are welcome and any needs as well as preparation for competitions can be accommodated. Grade/level testing is done every 6 months.


You will develop a great sense of balance, coordination, and self-confidence. In just a few months it is possible to attain skills needed to handle any major threat or hostility.

Gabriel strives to customize training to each individual’s physical abilities and natural gifts. Ages 8-99 Male and Female student are welcome.

My Philosophy

"As an instructor, I have the duty and obligation to find what works best for each of my pupils in order to develop their abilities and skills. I want each individual to be able to practice a Japanese martial art without causing detriment to their mental or physical health, personal beliefs, or background. I feel that demonstrating accomplishes more than simply telling someone how to do a technique."


Three words describe my teachings
Commitment, Preparation and Intensity.


"I have a friendly approach, however an intense program of training based on each individuals physical abilities and limitations. I'm encouraging and want my students to strive to do more and take their training to the next level every day."


My Commitment

You will always leave the Dojo (Gym) happy with how much you’ve accomplished. You will get your money's worth and more and may even discover many new friends and a second family with us.


~Gabe Balazs

Sensei Gabriel Balazs' experience:

  • Started Judo in 1986 with Sensei Berceanu Florin, black belt 6th degree (Romanian Olimpic Judo Coach and Master of Sports in Romania)

  • Started Nihon Ju Jitsu in 1995 under Sensei Jakab Robert and Sensei Balaceanu Ioan

  • First degree black belt (Shodan) in Nihon Ju Jitsu since Dec. 2000 under Sensei Balaceanu Ioan, 7th degree balck belt in Japanese Ju Jitsu and Kyokushin Budokai and Jakab Robert, 6th degree Black Belt in Nihon Ju Jitsu under White Tiger Budokan school

  • Intructor in Nihon JJ as of 2001 FRAM (Romanian Martial Arts Federation)

  • First degree black belt (Shodan) in Judo (Kodokan) since Nov. 2013 under Masters Dr. Ernie Reynolds, 10th degree black belt and Shane Reynolds, 6th degree black belt

  • Instructor in Judo Kodokan since Nov. 2013 and member of Black Dragon Association since November 2013

  • Recognized International Instructor and black belt First degree (Shodan) by Eastern USA International Martial Arts Hall of Fame and member since november 2014. Received Inspirational EUSA International Martial Arts Hall of Fame Plaque

  • Member of US Judo federation since 2014

  • 3rd place at 2015 UT Martial Arts Annual Judo Tournament - Super Heavyweight on Nov the 21, 2015, Knoxville, TN.

  • 2nd degree Black Belt in Judo on June 21st 2017

Judo of Lexington
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