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David Stacy

coming to krav maga kentucky

march 20-21st 2021 

Do you practice an martial art, do you want to compete, or just get better at self defense?

Do you want to learn how to bridge the gap between standing and ground fighting?


Lets be realistic, you are only as good as your training. 

Learn how to use grappling skills in an effective way for self defense.

Do an honest reality check.... How good are you if the fight goes to the ground?

Can you use your skills, get up, get away? Deal with multiple attackers?

What would you do if you or your attacker has a knife?

Only 20 spots available for this TWO DAY work shop.


Lets get real! 

Bridging the gap part ii - with David Stacy

When the fight goes to the ground +knife skills and drills


(All Levels and Abilities Welcome): 

Note: If you’re a beginner, out of shape or have physical limitations there’s no need to be intimidated. This course is for people of all levels and abilities. Come learn and train at your own pace.

Taught by David Stacy, Owner of Octagon MMA and Krav Maga

 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 4-stripe purple belt | Certified USA Boxing coach | Weapons Defense Specialist.


This unique training intensive is designed to explore the true nature of stand up fighting, boxing, kick boxing and  ground fighting styles as BJJ and Grappling techniques, while bridging the gap between stand up fighting and ground fighting, between competition and self defense encounters.

David will give you the tools to prepare you to use these techniques effectively for competition or in a self defense situation.

Train in a controlled and safe environment, without egos or style comparisons...

What's "best" what sucks... what's a joke.....? words that people throw around like confetti these days. Usually by people that may be skilled in their "art" but do not grasp the concept of  bridging techniques from one style to another. Can't or wont see the difference between competition and real life assault, or lethal encounters.

While the techniques are the same, the mentality, and purpose is vastly different...

David is an expert in bridging the gap between competition and realistically preparing attendees for optimal outcomes for self defense encounters.


David strives for a learning environment that closely simulates real world encounters.

In short, the goal of this unique training is to give you the practical skills and framework for decisive, confident decision making during violent, rapidly evolving, encounters.



Saturday: Session A 9:00am-12:00pm

BJJ & Wrestling Concepts for dealing with a knife.

Learn a variety of defenses you can use from positions of disadvantage ON THE GROUND. Particular emphasis will be placed on defending against an attacker with a knife. You will learn ways to render your attacker unable or unwilling to pursue the attack on you...

All techniques will be geared to "no-gi grappling", because we don't want to rely on the variable of clothing in a self-defense situation.

Lunch: 12:00-1:00pm You may bring your own lunch or step out if needed.

Saturday: Session B 1:00-4:00pm

Striking Concepts for dealing with a bigger/ stronger attacker.


In this session we will be adding on to the standard krav maga striking series. There will be a number of new combos that can be implemented, but the main focus of this session is to create angles and getting outside the elbows, adding realistic counters when defending punches while building the speed and power necessary for self defense..

Sunday: Session A 09:00-11:30am

Close Quarter Striking.

Learn a variety of techniques from lethwei (a Burmese combat system).

You will learn to combine stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques.

You will learn how to effectively strike with your fists, elbows, knees, feet and using your head aka "headbutts".

I can't think of a better striking system for self-defense -David

Lunch: 1:30-12:30pm You may bring your own lunch or step out if needed.

Sunday: Session B 12:30-3:30pm

Leg attacks and Submission escapes revisited.

Leg attacks-"why would you ignore 50% of the human body"-Dean Lister. Leg attacks are a fantastic way to even the playing field against better grapplers, and larger opponents. Learn ankle locks, toe holds, knee bars, and heel hooks from positions of disadvantage, and perhaps more important for self defense you will learn a variety of ways to escape from the bottom positions of disadvantage, such as guard, mount, side control, scarf hold, and seated vs. standing.

We will also look at escapes from common submission attempts such as the RNC, arm bar, triangle, and guillotine. Don't worry if none of those names makes sense, in short, you will learn how to escape when someone is attempting to harm you on the ground...

What to bring:

  • A good attitude and willingness to learn

  • Necessary Meals

  • Snacks, Drinks and Hydration

  • Something to take notes/ record/ photos (optional)

  • Boxing gloves is a Must. 

  • MMA/ Grappling style gloves

  • Shinguards

  • Cup

  • Long sleeve tee-shirt/ Pants/ Rash guard is optional

  • Training knife (if you have one)

Limited pricing is available to the first 10 participants:

ONLY THREE SPOTS LEFT on 03.16.21 !!!!




Payment required at the time of registration. 

Questions about this seminar? email us at:


I don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity! Will I see you and shake your hand next month in Lexington? Get your seats before the entire workshop completely sells out! 👉🏻

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