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Real Self Defense for the Real World

Tired of getting roped into long-term contracts just to get a fair deal?

At Krav Maga Kentucky, you don't need a contract to get the best.

Why Our Members Stick Around—It's Not a Contract, It's Commitment

You heard that right. Our members don't stay because they're locked in; they stay because they love what they get: top-tier training, an empowering community, and real-world self-defense skills.


Ready for a Change? Take the First Step Now

Don't miss out on an experience that could change your life. Click below to join a community that values your growth, not your signature.

Flexible Pricing for Everyone

Your investment depends on the program(s) and term you choose. But rest assured, it's money well-spent on your personal growth and safety.

Special Rates for Our Everyday Heroes

Teachers, first responders, law enforcement, and military personnel—we appreciate you. Ask us about our special rates designed just for you.

New to Krav Maga? Start Here—No Strings Attached.

Unsure about where to begin?

No worries, that's what trial classes are for. Experience what makes Krav Maga Kentucky exceptional by signing up for our no-commitment trial. You get not one, but two classes for just $20.

Sign Up for Your No-Strings-Attached Trial Session

Love It? That $20 Goes Right Toward Your Membership

If you find that we're the right fit—which we think you will—that $20 is instantly applied to your membership. It's a win-win.


Not a Match? No Hard Feelings.

Look, not every gym is for every person. If it turns out we're not a good fit for each other, we part ways amicably. Simple as that.


Ready to Transform Your Life and Your Skills?   

Don't let another day go by without taking the step that could change everything.

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