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Fuck the New Years Resolution, Do This Now!

Hey, what's happening, y'all? I'm Coach Rob, and today, we're tearing down the whole 'new year, new you' facade.

We're at the end of this year, stepping into a new one, and it's high time we address the bullshit of New Year’s resolutions. That's why I'm calling this post 'FUCK the New Years resolution, Do This Now'.

Every November and December, like clockwork, clients flood in to sign up for personal training. They're throwing down serious cash for my “platinum” coaching program – we're talking thousands. Their main beef? "I'm unhappy with my body. Been unhappy for years. Now, I'm ready to change." But then, bam! They hit me with the "I'll start at the beginning of the new year" line. What the fuck, right?

I always wonder about this delay. Sure, it's the classic "New Year, New Me" bullshit. But doesn't everyone know that about 80% of New Year's resolutions bomb within the first 90 days? Yet, here they are, choosing to wait.

When they sign up, I'm straight with them: "You're unhappy with your body, right? Let's use these next few months or weeks before the new year to get a head start"

But no, they insist on waiting till the new year. And what happens? When they eventually come back after the holidays, –they're fatter!?!?

They made a financial commitment, sure. But emotionally? Mentally? They weren’t in it. Instead, they gave themselves a free pass to indulge, making their journey harder starting January.

This pattern, to me, feels like a massive 'fuck you' to the universe. Once you recognize something's off, you've got a duty to act on it. By not doing so, you're flipping the bird to your potential, to your creator. It's like screaming, “I know I need to change, but I'll stay on this self-destructive path.”

Holding off until the new year or not acting at all? That's what I call a peasant mentality. Loser thinking. Winners? They take action the moment they realize something's off. No waiting for new years or perfect moments. They understand that by delaying, they're shutting doors of opportunity the universe could open for them.

Here's the thing about procrastination: it's a downward spiral. You say, "I'll start in January." Then it's February, then spring, then summer. Half the year's gone, and you're still stuck in the same old habits – drinking, smoking, wasting time on social media, or binging Netflix, avoiding the change you vowed to make.

So, for those thinking of making a resolution to make more money, get fit, network, start a new challenge, or find a meaningful relationship – if you're not starting today, then you're telling the universe it's okay to keep you stuck in your current state.

Why can't today be your New Year's Day? Why not commit right now to discipline and focused action?

Imagine, six months from now, you're not among those who failed their New Year's resolution because you started a month early. You stuck to your guns and now, you're a better version of yourself in health, relationships, fitness, finances – in every aspect.

Don't wait for the New Year to make a change. Start now. Commit to doing what's required of you, and watch how your life transforms. Tell the universe you're ready, and let it work with you to achieve your goals.

Alright, enough I'll get of the soap box, let's get down to brass tacks. We're focusing on three critical areas right now, and the first one is self-mastery.

This isn't some fluffy bullshit; it's about getting fucking real with yourself. What's messing with your head and heart? What pisses you off, scares you, or holds you back? And those vices – yeah, the ones that keep you less than what you can be – what are they?

Hooked on porn? Addicted to social media and feeling FOMO? Binge-watching TV shows and scarfing down Cheetos instead of hitting the gym? Promising to eat clean but eating crap instead?

It's damn high time you committed to mastering these demons.

Self-mastery isn't a luxury; it's fucking essential. Personal growth should be at the top of your list. Everybody's out there looking for their 'purpose in life.' 'I want to figure out what my purpose is, I want to develop my purpose, I want to know what I'm meant to do on this Earth. Thats great and all, but you, you dumb fuck, you haven’t even figured yourself out, how are you gonna chase some grand purpose?

You're the same cheetos eating asshole who goes all caps, all exclamation points, arguing with someone on Instagram or Face Book over something that's so trivial, like Politics, as though you have any control over any of it, while ignoring the real shit you can actually change. That ain't mastery; that's just plain avoidance.

Your job, starting right the fuck now – not next year, not when it's convenient, but right now – is to figure out your own blueprint. Understand why you think and act the way you do. Why do you keep fucking up your goals? Why is that inner voice of yours constantly talking shit?

Time to flip the script. Let your inner beast take over, not just sit there in the fucking backseat. Who do you wanna be? How would that version of you act? What would he prioritize? Then, make a list of goals and fucking commit to doing what's required to reach that version of you – there are no fucking shortcuts.

And listen, I don't give a fuck what life's thrown at you. I've been there – abused, yelled at, experincing and seeing shit no kid should see. I'm an immigrant to the US, speaking a second language, battled cancer in my late twenties, living with the side effects till this day, forced to change careers. But guess what? Using that as an excuse to keep fucking up isn't going to fly. You can't just stroll into another year with the same old destructive patterns and expect shit to change. That's insanity, straight up.

You've got to break those patterns. Start now. Self-development isn't a someday thing; it's an everyday fucking thing.

Listen up!,

because we're diving into the second critical area right fucking now: Fitness. Don't just check off self-mastery and call it a day. These areas – they're not a sequential checklist; we can do these three things that I'm sharing with you simultaneously. They're all part of the same badass journey. And fitness? It's not just some side mission in the grand scheme of self-mastery. It's front and center.

Tony Robbins, that guy knows his shit. He says if you want to flip your mental state, start with your physical state. And he's damn right. Get your ass off the couch. Run, swim, sprint up some hills, start kicking and punching in martial arts – do whatever it takes to get that body moving. Because here's the hard truth: change your physical state, and your mental and emotional states will have to catch the fuck up. It might take a bit, but trust me, they will.

Now, if you're rotting away in some dark room, eyes glued to a screen, living in a virtual world of gloom, it's no fucking surprise your emotional state is in the shitter. Depressed, sad, overwhelmed, and negative as fuck? Time to rip open the curtains, let some sunlight hit that pasty skin of yours. Scrape off those Cheetos crumbs and step the hell outside.

Where do you start? Find a trainer or a coach. Someone to kick your ass into gear, help you figure out workouts, and hold you accountable. Once you're in the groove of working out, it's time to tackle your macros. "What the fuck are macros?" you might ask. We're talking proteins, carbs, and fats.

You need to figure this shit out. How much to eat, how much to work out – get it dialed in so you can ditch those jiggely love handles and the jelly man titties that you've got.

How much protein do you need? How much carbs do you need for energy? How much fat do you need for sustenance so that you can burn fat, build muscle, and do whats required to become a leaner, more jacked version of you?

Don't know your macros from a hole in the ground? There's an app for that – Avatar Nutrition. 

It's a game-changer. Here's the deal: you plug in your macros, It makes three little circles, for your proteins, fats, carbs. and then throughout the day, you just input everything that goes into your pie hole into the app.

It keeps track of your macros. At the end of the day you are aiming for those circles to still be green, that means you're eating right for fat loss and muscle gain. Fuck it up, and the app will call you out – orange or red circles, a glaring reminder that you're off track.

Get those workouts in. Doesn't matter where – gym, park, living room. Bodyweight exercises, pull-ups, push-ups, sprints, whatever it takes. No gym? Don't let that be your sorry-ass excuse. That's loser behavior. Winners find a way, no matter what.

No more excuses. Either find a damn good coach or get on YouTube and start educating yourself. Feeling overwhelmed? I get it. But just sitting there and doing sweet fuck all isn't an option.

Grab a coach who'll hold you accountable, tailor a training and nutrition plan for you, something that aligns with your specific needs and goals.

Third and Final Focus: Money Mastery

Got your fitness game on track? Perfect. Now, let's roll into the third and final area: Money. Remember, we're not ticking these off one by one. This is a simultaneous effort. Don't wait until you've mastered everything else before you start focusing on your finances. Otherwise, you'll be halfway through the new year before you even begin to make that extra cash.

So, how the hell do you start raking in more dough? If you're running a business, think scale. Grow that enterprise. Working for someone? Figure out how to add more value to that company. Maybe you're in sales – look for ways to increase your commissions. Or, find a reason to negotiate a raise because you're contributing big time.

Already got a stable career? Good for you. But don't get complacent. Time to start a side hustle. Yeah, you heard me. Use your Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Make more money. That bitch voice in your head telling you that you don't have time, you're not smart enough? That's just fear talking. Shut it down.

Single, in a relationship, got a family and kids? Thinking you can't do it? Bullshit. That's your excuse-making at its finest. You can balance being a partner, a parent, hitting the gym, training in martial arts, and making money. It's about becoming a sovereign man – a man of choices, providing experiences for your family they couldn't have even dreamed of.

What if the economy tanks even more? Will you be okay? If you start taking action now, not waiting for January 1st like everyone else, you'll be ahead. Start working on your self-mastery, your fitness, and your money mastery today. Do this, and the universe will start working with you, opening doors and creating opportunities.

But if you're sitting around, waiting for the 'perfect time' or just using the rest of the year to fuck around, then you're screwing yourself over. The universe will see that. It'll think, "Fuck you, man. You don't deserve success," and make it even harder for you to achieve what you want.

So, fuck the New Year resolution.

Commit to what's required of you now. Do that, and you're a fucking winner.

Thats all for now, thank you for reading this far. Soon, you'll be able to watch and listen to this on the Coach Rob show, available on YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes. I'll discuss self-mastery, self-defense, fighting, fitness, and money, hell I might throw in some relationship advice and motivation. It'll always be raw and unfiltered.

A big thanks for all the love, comments, and reviews. They mean the world to me.

Could you do me a small favor? If this resonated with you, share it. Maybe you know someone who needs to hear this too. Forward them a link to my Facebook page or this blog post.

Always keep in mind, mediocrity is your biggest adversary. It's on you to take the necessary steps to hit your targets. Transformation can strike like lightning — the moment you decide to make that switch, everything changes.

Coach Rob Signing off

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