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What are the benefits of enrolling my child in a “self-defense class”.

Your child will learn self-discipline, enhance their mental and physical strength, feel more confident, and gain the competence to defend themselves in a dangerous situation.  

There are many different “Martial Art’s” and “Self-Defense” schools out there, so how do you know which class is best for your child?   

We will discuss a few styles that are great for kid’s self-defense in this article.

Depending on where you live, there may be various schools that offer the same types of classes.


Do some research on the schools, sit in and have your child try a few classes at each place

to see what environment your child likes best. Not all programs are taught the same way…..

Here is a few programs which are great options

when looking for kid’s self-defense.   

JUDO, traditional Japanese Judo is a great option for youth self-defense,

as a lot of times the bully may be bigger and stronger than your child.

Judo will teach your child how to handle a bully and use their weight and

energy against them, so your child is able to escape.

Judo focus on throws and grappling techniques, including chokes, pins, and

different joint locking methods. Some Judo schools will also teach

strikes and kicks even if they are not used during competitions in Judo.

Conditioning and building a healthy body is also a great benefit of Judo.


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Brazilian Jujitsu, is also an option for kid’s self-defense,

Bjj is similar to Judo, however it focuses more on fighting

on the ground.

BJJ will teach your child how to gain a better position, and how to stand up and get away. Depending on the school your child will also learn applicable kicks, chokes, strikes etc, to be able to defend themselves.

Krav Maga, if you really want your child to learn it all, meaning

self-defense standing as well as self-defense on the ground then

Krav Maga is for you. Krav Maga incorporates techniques from not only

Judo and Jujitsu, but also Boxing, Wrestling, and kicking techniques.

Krav Maga focuses on function vs form.  At Krav Maga Kentucky we have

divided classes specifically based on levels for ages 6-12 to

make sure that your child gets the attention and mentoring they need.

Krav Maga encourage students to avoid a confrontation when possible,

but teaches how to defend yourself in a dangerous situation.

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