2017 EVENTS 

We have made it easier than ever to keep track of whats going on at Krav Maga Kentucky and our Affiliates. Below you have all events that are scheduled for 2017. We continue to update the list as we schedule new events. Please let us know if there is a particular event or seminar you would like to see on our list...

Krav Maga Adult and Youth Self Defense

  • We have Adult KM classes scheduled every day except Sundays.

  • Youth classes are scheduled on Mondays and Wednesdays.

  • We are closed on most national Holidays.

  • Please check here for the current schedule. 

go home safe... #1 Women's Only Self Defense Seminar

Current Schedule for the go home safe seminars in 2017 are as follow:

  • November 11th 

  • Click here  to book your Seminar.

CCDW 1 day certification

We have CCDW certification classes every 2nd Saturday of the month.

  • Book online or call 859.753.7766


ghs affiliate

Do you want to teach Confidence and Competence to other women in your community?

If you answered YES then our affiliate program is for you.

  • Apply here

Personal Training

We have times and dates available for your convenience. 

Benefits of Personal Training:

  • Personal Goals with your Self Defense Training

  • Perfect form and execution of techniques

  • Motivation

  • Accountability

  • Efficiency

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