Adult Krav Maga

If you are a teen or adult, 13 years or up, these classes will provide an opportunity to excel physically and mentally. Practicing Krav Maga will also greatly improve balance, coordination, stamina, overall fitness level, and muscle memory. How does anyone make learned techniques become second nature and instinctual? This all happens over time and every individual will have different results. Being able to practice on a pad with a partner allows greater improvement and better realization of how techniques work.


Foundation Class

This class provides a break down of our most basic techniques. Whether you have no experience or you have experience with other forms of martial arts or boxing, this class gives you the opportunity to learn what we expect from our students and how to perform the most basic Krav Maga techniques critical to defending oneself. Everyone is welcome. Groin protection is recommended for men.


Level 1-2 Class

In level 1-2 students will increase intensity of basic techniques and begin to learn level 2-3 techniques as well. This overlap is crucial to provide repetition in order to improve muscle memory, balance, and overall coordination. Everyone is welcome to these classes. Recommended equipment: Gloves or hand wraps, groin protection for men.


Level 3-4 Class

In level 3-4 students begin to advance into more technical areas of basic techniques, perform techniques under stress, increase intensity, and add advanced techniques. Students must pass Level 2 testing to attend these classes. Recommended equipment: Gloves or hand wraps, shin guards, groin protection for men, mouthpiece.


All Levels Class

This class provides a mixture of levels and skills. Everyone is welcome. Groin protection is recommended for men.


Conditioning & Sparring Class

Conditioning is an important element of being able to hold your own in any situation. In this class we combine fitness and intensity with a focus on the more important elements of sparring. It is important to note that sparring is less realistic than a real world situation, which would require the techniques taught by Krav Maga. However, it is also an essential piece of education, because being able to take a punch can be just as important as being able to deliver a punch. Everyone is welcome after completing at least 10 level classes. Required epuipment: 16oz boxing gloves, mouthguard (shin guards recommended).



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